Ghost Tourism


2011年 10月27日

In England, everything is much older, so there have been many more reported cases of ghosts and paranormal activity. Recently, the city of York was named the most haunted city in England by the Ghost Research Foundation International. Officials in York are hoping to use this to promote tourism by doing ghost walks and other events. In Edinburgh, Scotland, there is a series of underground vaults that many people believe to be haunted. The Blair Street Vaults were built in one of the city's poorest areas, and many people died in the unclean conditions. These were caused by the water which leaked from the famous South Bridge above. Now, tourists can explore these underground vaults and see if they can feel the spirits for themselves. Ghost tourism is always an interesting experience no matter where in the world it may be.




◎paranormal (a.) 超自然的
◎vault (n.) 墓穴,地下墓室
◎leak (vi.) 漏,滲
The gas tank is leaking because of a broken valve.
◎explore (vt.) 探索,勘查
Taking a gondola ride is a good way to explore Venice.


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